Identify and realize the reason of breakup before considering how to get an ex girlfriend back

Break up usually brings devastating impact on both the parties involved. And after the initial phase of allegations and counter allegations on each other is over, you start feeling as if something missing to you. This is nothing but a desire for her company.  And it is this feeling that prompts you to looks for ways and means to patch up with your ex-girlfriend. In this effort you look here and there for some reliable advice on how to get your ex-girlfriend back. If you are one of such broken person who is missing his girlfriend too much and craving for her company once again, some most reliable advices are discussed here.
The first thing is to recognize the correct time for a patch up. Since you are already craving for her company, from your side it is perfect time to immediately clarify the misunderstanding, if any, between both of you. Do not give any room to ego and if there is any role from your side in triggering the break up, howsoever, small, direct or indirect it may be, accept it candidly without any ifs and buts.

Different persons take different time to heal from a break up.  This time may be longer for some one while many others bounce back immediately to normalcy.  Therefore, you have to allow her adequate time to overcome the pain.  If you feel that it is the time to communicate your message, you can express your wish to get back together and have a fresh start. But if your girlfriend has not yet recuperated and requires more time to think about, you should not make haste or force her. At this point of time, any wrong or hasty approach on your part may completely ruin your chances of getting back your ex-girlfriend forever.

You have to take all efforts to let your ex-girlfriend know that despite break-up you still care for her.  You must demonstrate it by your actions also that how special she is for you. This way you can have direct access into the heart of your ex-girlfriend once again. Try to make her feel special and atop the world through some very small and routine ways.

If you will go back down the memory lane, you will be able to identify your specific characteristic features which attracted your girlfriend towards you, but with time you have either ignored your those specialties or changed. You have to make all endeavors to become the same old man that your girlfriend had fallen in love with.  

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